Welcome to Hope Lutheran Church and Early Learning Center! Join us for Sunday Worship at 10:30am!

Below, you will find quick links to our Early Learning Center, offering full time infant through preschool care, as well as part time preschool and K-6th grade before/after school and summer programs.



Sunday Worship

Bible Study: 9:15 am       Service: 10:30 am

Everyone is Welcome, Come hear the great news of our Lord!

Hope.  Christ.  Home.
These three words are the clearest, most concise picture of what you'll find here at Hope Lutheran Church.

We make no apologies that we believe, teach, and confess that it is all about the Word--the crucified Christ, that means sinners stand as saints before God and as humble honest stewards next to their neighbors until we actually see the face of God.

We humbly invite you to enjoy the sermons at the center of our worship service.  We think you'll be able to hear something special and the "something special" is not the polished rhetoric of our pastor, nor is it the winsome personality he may (or may not!) have.  We're convinced that the Christus pro nobis ("Christ for us") message at the heart of the preaching in the faithful Lutheran Church is really quite liberating and invigorating where the rubber meets the road, namely, in the hearing.  We're also convinced that such preaching is quite rare in our day.

We fully realize that there are many spiritual journeys being offered around here.  Some have a long history in this part of the Flint Hills; some are relatively new and, as such, are a bit intriguing to those who like to check out the rare and the unique.

We are convinced that in the unconditional gospel of Jesus Christ, proclaimed and given in the Sacraments, the human finds her place of safety and security, peace and joy, her home.  And that's all we're trying to offer:  a home in the hope of Christ Jesus, the crucified and risen Savior of the sinners.

Come home.  To Hope.  To Hear the Word.  That Word is Christ.

Hope Lutheran Early Learning Center

Hope Lutheran partners with parents to love and guide their children to be what God has made them to be.  Hope strives to give children a well rounded Lutheran Education.  That means serving children at their developmental level and giving them experiences in all domains of development.  The directors would love to schedule an appointment with you for a tour. Call to see if we have a spot open for your child!

For ages 2 Weeks - 2 Years;   Please call 785.587.9400
For ages 3 Years - 6th Grade; Please call 785.587.9988

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Hope Lutheran Church and Early Learning Center
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